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COVID19 - What to Expect

COVID19 - What to Expect

Thank-you for choosing Le Grand Bleu for your holiday in Seychelles. We are certified by the Public Health Authority as a Certified Tourism Establishment. A copy of our Safe Health Certificate can be found on our website.

In the COVID19 “New Normal” environment we live in, we have developed new procedures aimed at maintaining high standards of safety and hygiene to keep both our clients and our team safe from COVID19. Please read all of the below information carefully.

1)    VISITOR TRAVEL ADVISORY – Ministry of Tourism

Please visit the COVID19 page of the website of the Ministry of Tourism for updated information on travel advisory into Seychelles.

 Please read all the procedures carefully, but we draw your attention to the following:

  • Negative COVID19 test and Certification 72 hours prior to travel to Seychelles
  • Copy of the negative COVID19 PCR test and Application for Entry Into Seychelles to be sent to [email protected]
  • Travel insurance that covers COVID19 for the duration of your stay in Seychelles
  • Procedures in case of testing COVID19 positive during your visit in Seychelles
  • PCR test procedures for leaving Seychelles

You can also find useful guidelines on the website

As information and procedures are constantly changing, we recommend that you regularly visit the website of the Ministry of Tourism for updated  information. You will also be able to find out more relating to using excursion services, rental cars etc… by operators that have complied with local Health Regulations.

2)    Pre-Check-in Registration Form

To make your check-in process as quick and as contactless as possible, kindly complete and return our Registration Form a few days prior to your arrival. The Registration form will capture the required personal data that we must collect for all arriving customers. The form must be filled out completely for every individual that is travelling in your group. A copy of your passports will also be required.

3)    What to expect when you arrive

When you arrive at our hotel, you will be welcomed by a member of our team at the entrance of our Reception. Prior to entering the reception, we will ask for your name, and we will take your temperature using infra-red thermometers and monitor if you have any visible flu-like symptoms. Wearing a face mask is mandatory before entering the reception. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the reception. Please enter the reception with your luggage and place the luggage in the demarcated “Luggage” storage unit.

During the time spent at the reception, please maintain a distance of between 1 – 2 m with others. Markings on the reception floor will assist with maintaining social distancing rules.

Our reception counter is separated by a glass partition. For health & safety reasons we will attend to only one customer at a time at the reception desk. We will disinfect the reception desk between customers.

Payment of hotel room will be by way of debit or credit card. Our POS will be covered by plastic film that will be disinfected after each use. Payment by cash will also be accepted. 

To make the check-in process as quick and as contactless as possible, we will be taking you to your room immediately after payment.

4)    Hotel Services & Facilities – can be found on our website

Information about our hotel services and facilities can be found on our page Services.

5)    Your Villa

Prior to your arrival, our housekeeping team will clean and disinfect your villa according to Public Health Authority hygiene guidelines.

Whereas we will disinfect your villa, we pledge and guarantee to you that your villa was vacant and unoccupied at least 2 days prior to your arrival.

6)    During your stay – Screening & monitoring

During your stay, we are required to monitor certain medical information of you on a daily basis. Each day, we will have to record your temperature and monitor if you have any flu-like symptoms. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.  

7)    Physical distancing & hygiene

During your stay we ask that you:

  • Regularly sanitize your hands and your frequently used personal belongings (e.g. mobile phone, cameras etc…). The locations where you can sanitize your hands are: (i) at the reception; (ii) the restaurant; and (iii) your villa.
  • Maintain social distancing - we encourage all our customers to maintain social distancing by keeping distance of 1-2m throughout your stay.
  • Cover your mouth using your elbow or a tissue when sneezing or coughing, or
  • Wear a face mask when entering our reception and restaurant.